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2 Day Event

Eduvation Summit Wil held on 1/2 April 2016


Eduvation Summit Will Take Place In The Greek Campus Egypt.

+80 Speakers

Featuring More than “80” Speakers From MENA Region

Meeting Leaders

Community Of Over 2000 Delegates (CEOs, Innovators And Entrepreneurs)


01:00 PM to 03:00 PM

Room (1) :Developing methods of education using augmented reality and hologram (Usama Sallam)
Room (2): STEM Education (Dr.Mahmoud Hagag)
Room (3): Smart education (Aya & Rana)

01:00 PM to 03:00 PM

Room (4): E-Books (M.Reda)
Room (5): Infographics (Dr.Amal)
Room (6): Interactive content production - SB (Dr. Badr Alaa)
Room (7): Khadra and its empowerment model ( Ayman Shehata and Salma)

03:00 PM to 5:00PM

Room (1): Gamification of Education (Dr.Wael El Mayyah)
Room (2): Video Production ( Amr eldhimy )
Room (3): Social Networking for education (A. Fekry)
Room (4): Knowledge management (Dr. M. Bagha)

03:00 PM to 5:00PM

Room (5):The Montessori Method (MS. Mari)
Room (6): Blended Learning ( Eng.Mohamed)
Room (7): Learning as a skill for a successful future (L&D : Marwan Abdien)

05:00 PM to 7:00PM

Room (1): MindMapping strategies for learning excellence(Trainer Sahar)
Room (2): The responsibility of parents towards their children ( Dr.RizkAllah )
Room (3): mobile gestures (A. Fekry)

05:00 PM to 7:00PM

Room (4): The importance of diversifying teaching using sensory learning styles (Ayman Shamrokh)
Room (5): Communicative Language Learning (Bassam Abdelhamied)
Room (6): Kids Workshop(qademoon)
Room (7): Hot Teaching Spots

11:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Room (1): Learn how to learn(Dr. A. Abdlazem)
Room (2): شعبنة العلوم (Ahmad Ghandour)&Cinema for kids
Room (3): Gamification (Moheb)
Room (4): Story Boarding (Marian)

11:00 AM to 01:00 PM

Room (5): Moodle-OS (Eng. Anwar Fouad)
Room (6): Blended Learning (M. qademoon)
Room (7): اسرار الاحتياجات النفسية

01:00 PM to 03:00 PM

Room (5): Digital Libraries and knowledge production (Dr. Amira)
Room (6): Distance education (Dr. Mohamed Zain)
Room (7): ورشة أنا كبرت & Cinema 4kids

01:00 PM to 03:00 PM

Room (1): Distance education (Dr. Mohamed Zain)
Room (2): WebQuest (Mona Zaytone)
Room (3): Authoring tools for mobile (Moheb)
Room (4): Brain Storming Multimedia (Dr. Yara)

03:00 PM to 5:00PM

Room (5): Educate Me
Room (6): Qalam
Room (7): LOT (Eng. Khaled el Fakharany)

03:00 PM to 5:00PM

Room (1): 7H (Dr. Maher)
Room (2): Search Everywhere Optimization (Mr. M. Hafez)
Room (3): Responsive Design (Moheb)
Room (4): Assessment in 21st century (Dr. Badr Alaa)


Ahmed ElHefnawy

Asst. Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

Dr. Magued Osman

Managing director of the Egyptian center for public opinion research

Sally Metwaly

Public Affairs Consultant for ITWORX

Mostafa Farahat

GM & Co-Founder of Nafham


National Erasmus+ Coordinator – Egypt

Rania Hamoud

Board Member & MD - Mansour Foundation for Development

Wael Desouki

Director Of Center Of Entrepreneurship

Dina Abdel Khalek

Human Capital Consultant at the Ministry of Planning

Mohamed Zeen

Ass. Prof. in Educational & information Technology Department

A. ELghandour


Mohammed Rizkallah

MA in International and Comparative Education from AUC

Mohamed Abu Sedera

CSR Program Manager for Cisco Systems

Mostafa Ghaly

Assistant for the H.E the Egyption Minister of planing

Tamer Nassef

Industry Applications Society of Egypt (IAS-Egypt) chair

ramy saied

Co-Founder & CEO at iT SMART


Qademoon Founder

maha hassan

Head of English Arab Academy for Training Technology

Mohamed Reda

eLearning Developer

Khaled El Fakharany

Network Engineer

ahmed fekry

BSc. in Biomedical Engineering, ITI Diploma

Moheb Gamal

Deputy of the eLearning Center of Excellence (ELICA)

E-Robot solution

by making, doing and creating robots using smart colorful bricks and uncomplicated software

Mahmoud Haggag

physics Director

Yara Ahmed

Dr At Education Techonlogy Department

Wael Elmayyah

Founder Of Wonderlearn

Badr Alaa

Curriculum developer& E.T.S

Basma Abd Elhamied

English and soft skills instructor

Amal Hassan

Dr At Education Techonlogy Department

Sahar Sabry

Founder of Mind Maps Club

Ahmed Abdel Aziem

Business and management product Manager at Premier Training

Ahmed Hassan

Vice Director Electronic and Knowledge Services Center

Mohamed El Biesi

Head of Bedaya Centre for Entrepreneurship

Abd elazez tolba‏

Prof. At Mansoura University

Mona Zaitoun

Dr of Curriculum And Teaching methods at Faculty of Specific Education , Port Said University

Marian Habashi

BSc in architecture

Mohammed Bagha

Dr At Faculty of Commerce , Suez University

Essam Serry

Academic Director, UK Academy for Research and Knowledge Management

Amira Samir

Dr At Education Techonlogy Department

Ayman Shamrokh

Founder and CEO of EDUPIRE

Aya El-Dighady

CO-Founded OF SMART Careers

Osama Sabry


Mohamed Hafez

Founder of SEOvortex

Marwan Abdin

Development Management Consultant

Marie Bishay

Founder Of Montessori Egyptian Center

Amr Eldihemy

Electrical And Computer Engineer

Conference Themes

WHAT'S ALL ABOUT EDUVATIONWhen you think of using innovation in the educational industry, you will find our summit, which we named “EduVation summit”

To create an environment where passionate people can come together to get things done; to learn, network, bridge the gap between trades, expose potential and see actual results. We are proud to be a part of this type of innovative collaboration and we hope you will help us reach our goals by supporting this national movement on a local level.

Conference Objectives :

  • Benefiting from the experiences of different international universities in this area.
  • Studying the best international experience and models in the field of ICT “Information and communication technology” based education.
  • Encouraging creativity in the areas of digital learning and exchanging knowledge.
  • Presenting and discussing innovative learning strategies, styles, environments, tools and contexts.
  • Discussing recent trends in the field of Educational technology
  • Discussing how to use Digital technology in vocational teaching and learning
  • Linking all stakeholders of education under the same umbrella.

Dont Miss The Event

1- Practical perspective from educators and Entrepreneur developing education Technology


2- Learning about the key impacts affecting educational technology


3- Deep insight into what is coming next in education?


4- How successfully we can reach Global technology? Which models should we follow?


5- Meeting leaders (CEOs, innovators and Entrepreneurs) in the educational industry.


Founder Live

 . للتعليم و التكنولوجيا (  Eduvation ) للاسرة و الطفل ، و حديث عن مؤتمر -  Family - تابعونا اليوم الساعة ٨ مساء علي قناة النيل تردد : 12467  

New Community Partner

#Bring Up Genius هتكون شريك مجتمعى لينا فى موتمرنا القادم Bring Up Genius هو كيان بيعمل على توصيل العلوم ونشر مهارت التعليم والتعلم وكمان بيساعدوا على

Eduvation in AUC

فريق Eduvation Summit مشارك في " مصر بتتكلم علم " فى الجامعة الامريكية  - التحرير عشان تعرف اقرب فرع ليك : عشان تشتري



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